Авторы: Baibakova O.V.
Название публикации: Effects of the pre-treatment of the miscanthus energy crop on the ethanol yield
Название источника: Izvestiya vuzov-prikladnaya khimiya i biotekhnologiya
Библиографическая ссылка: Baibakova O.V. Effects of the pre-treatment of the miscanthus energy crop on the ethanol yield // Izvestiya vuzov-prikladnaya khimiya i biotekhnologiya. - 2018. - Vol.8. - Iss.3. - P.79-84.
Ссылки: DOI: 10.21285/2227-2925-2018-8-3-79-84; WoS: 000447465500011; РИНЦ: 36468142;
Реферат: Cellulose containing raw materials are widely recognized to be a promising and ubiquitous type of biomass that can be used to produce ethanol without using additional arable land and without competing with the food sector of the economy. Key factors in determining the efficiency of bioethanol production include the chemical composition of cellulose containing raw materials and methods of their preliminaty treatment. In this work, Miscanthus substrates were obtained by preliminary chemical treatment under the conditions of an experimental industrial production laboratory of the Institute for Problems of Chemical and Energetic Technologies of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. It is shown that, at the saccharification stage, the highest concentration of reducing substances was achieved for substrates obtained by one-stage chemical treatment, with the concentrations being equal 43,6 g/l and 43,7 g/l for the substrates after nitrate and alkaline delignification treatments, respectively. The dependence of bioethanol yield on various parameters has been studied. It is shown that, with respect to the amount of bioethanol yield from 1 t of Miscanthus, the substrates obtained can be presented in the following order: product of nitric acid treatment > pulp (technical cellulose, combined method) > product of alkaline delignification > pulp (technical cellulose, nitric acid method).
Ключевые слова: Miscanthus; pretreatment; substrate; saccharification; fermentation
Год опуликования: 2018
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